I Am Alex Appleby…

Alexander E Appleby was born in Gilroy Ca, but raised in the Central Valley where his upbringing directly influenced where he would practice his life's work. As a youth in Northern California, Alex experienced poverty, and extreme financial hardships. At one pivotal moment, as he scrounged for discarded food; 7yr old Alex made a personal vow to never live like this again. Alex had his first job at 14; due to family circumstances he became emancipated at the age of 16 and immediately began supporting himself with 2 jobs. Alex showed what hard work and dedication looks like by running his own business as a minor and graduating from high school simultaneously in order to serve his country in the United States Army.

Private First Class Appleby excelled up through the ranks until being given the honor of a combat promotion to Sergeant in Iraq at age 20. Through two enlistments, five deployments and fifteen different countries, Alex received 14 awards and decorations to compliment his honorable discharge. Among other notable awards, SGT Appleby was acknowledged as an “expert” Small-arms Marksman, and a Longarms “Sharpshooter”. His love for Country has extended itself beyond his time served, as he expresses fervently, to this day, his personal tagline - Honored to serve.

The most recent chapter in Alex’s life began when he took the passion that developed in the military with him to a “confrontational politics” meeting locally in Stockton. The exposure was a call to action for Alex. He took the education, experience and networking connections he had made as a financial advisor and began to plan for his own campaign. Alex believes that the most fundamental changes are started from the ground up, and made a bold move to run for the congressional seat within his very own district. The unprecedented call to action bolstered the support of the Libertarian Party, as well as his professional work associates. Alex remains grounded to his roots in the community, through building personal connections at his church, and constant business related outreach.

Alex believes that we can find real, personal, and financial freedom by taking things back to the principled framework that the founding fathers provided for us in the Constitution. Just like the dedicated soldier who enlisted as a minor into the armed forces, Alex would be honored to fight for you in the U.S. Congress. Among others, his platforms biggest push is going to be for reform of the Veteran Affairs system, and to establish a three term limit on incumbents currently occupying Congressional seats.

Once again, I am honored to serve.

- Alex Appleby

About Alex Appleby

Alex Appleby is a local businessman that has a passion for liberty and helping people achieve financial freedom.

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